Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Thank You To CNBC

I owe the financial mega channel,,, CNBC a big thank you.

That thank you would be for reminding me to put The Daily Show back on my scheduled series recordings on my DVR.

See what happened is that the great Jon Stewart took some time off after the election and I was tiring of watching reruns of the show so I took The Daily Show, which recorded every time it was on off my 'Series Recordings'.

Then like many people a few weeks ago I saw CNBC's Rick Santelli now infamous rant against the Obama housing plan. The reaction of the news media,, even lefty MSNBC made Santelli into a hero of the 'everyman'.

I was beginning to wonder if anyone other than Press Secretart Robert Gibbs was going to take Santelli on for his rant.

Well last week, Jon Stewart came to the rescue with a brilliant montage of the bullshit spewed by CNBC over the period of the 'financial crisis'.

Then CNBC's, Jim Cramer (who I have to admit I have enjoyed watching) made a mistake that I can only describe as comparable to the 'heckler at the comedy club'. You know the guy who thinks he's quicker or more able than the comedian who only has the comedian on stage rip him to shreds.

Cramer, playing the role of the heckler,, decided to take on Stewart and for the past two nights has paid a merciless price. Stewart has absolutely filleted Cramer and done so in a way that has made Cramer,, and CNBC look like complete idiots.

To Cramer's credit,,, he is going on The Daily Show tonite to face Stewart in person.

And more importantly than that,, I owe Jim Cramer,, not for stock advice,, but for bringing my DVR back,,, to The Daily Show.

The clips are below for your viewing enjoyment.

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Anonymous said...

The exchange between Stewart and Cramer is one for many years and several discussions. If you noticed, Stewart focused his criticisms based on facts and Cramer mostly focused his responses explicitly attacking the credentials of the person. In addition, with a documented history of so much commentary, Cramer was unprepared for the facts that Stewart introduced at the "final" meeting (i.e. Stewart's show). If Cramer is prudent, he will learn from this. If CNBC is prudent, they will learn from this. Unfortunately, I am not to optimistic about their desire to learn.