Monday, March 31, 2008

President Gore

Was on the treadmill yesterday afternoon watching the end of the exciting Kansas-Davidson game saw a preview for 60 Minutes. Decided to stay on the treadmill and watch the show for one story in particular, a profile on Bill James. Bill James is the statistician that changed the way many people, including myself, looked at baseball (more on opening day in MLB soon to come).

But as I watched 60 Minutes I couldn't get off the treadmill and it figured the James story would be the last of the three they did. I thought about writing an article about the tragic and wrongful imprisonment of Murat Kurnaz by the US Defense Department. But decided to instead stay a little more positive and not fit my reputation of jumping on all the massive failures of the "War on Terror." Check out the story for yourself and see what our government did.

The story of Kurnaz was followed by a profile of Al Gore. Readers of this blog know my thoughts on Gore. I was so angry with him in 2000 when he ran a safe campaign and did not talk about some issues I had always respected him for, like 'climate change'. Readers also know I think that he should be in this race for President and that if he ran, we would be talking about how bad he would beat John McCain in November.

With few exceptions there is no one I respect in the world of politics more than Al Gore. Is he the most charismatic? Not even close. Is he the funniest guy? Not at all. But Al Gore had the Presidency ripped away from him and has responded by becoming the one thing our country has lacked for about 40 years, a true statesman.

As discussed in the report, he raised eyebrows when he put on weight and grew a beard around 2003-2004. What wasn't mentioned in the report was that other people blasted him for his opposition to the Iraq War. Some said it was political suicide to question the President and the War when Gore made his statements. This was because he made his statements before the Iraq War was the utter and complete disaster that it is today. When support for the war was in the 60-70% range, Gore raised reasoned arguments that were dismissed as the ramblings of a sore loser.

He was thought of as joke and many thought he would fade away in the shadow of a "Great Wartime President. Well, the actual "joke" got reelected and the country has reaped what it sowed. An eight year stretch of ineptitude, unprofessionalism, and corruption.

If you watch the piece of Gore on 60 Minutes you may ask yourself the same question I did.

"How the hell did we not elect this guy President?"

The Florida debacle in 2000 and politically motivated decision by the Supreme Court (I'll say it if Gore won't) really set this country on a different course. I remember being told, "Thank God Al Gore wasn't President on 9/11, he probably wouldn't have defended us."

I remember being told, we have an 'oil crisis and need an oil man to fix it. Not some 'environmental wack-job.'

I remember being told, 'we need to restore dignity to the Oval Office.'

Many of those people may still say the same thing, but they would be as blind now as they were ignorant then. Other than Chelsea, Gore was the victim of the Clinton years. He lost because the right wing held the scandals of Bill Clinton over the head of Al Gore and wrapped it around his neck.

He was blasted by Republicans for showing loyalty to Clinton and not condeming him. Which I always find ironic, because Republicans are the party that demands loyalty above all others. In fact the reason that most Republicans hate John McCain is that he had the guts to call out Republicans and they think he is not 'loyal.'

Well 8 years later I was watching Gore with Leslie Stahl and thought to myself, "THERE'S a President."

Haven't seen one in Washington for quite some time and sure as hell haven't said that to myself during this campaign as confidently as I did last night.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Class of the Campaign

Have has a few emails and conversations as to why I am not writing about the campaign much right now and instead going off on 17people ideological tangents.

Overall I just don't care about much of what has been said and feel as both campaigns have let the voters down recently.

But saw something the other day that has been all over the news that I thought was one of the classier moments of the campaign and it happened at Butler University in Indiana when Chelsea Clinton was asked about Monica Lewinsky's effect on her mothers credibility.

See the video below, I apologize for the news story attached to it, but couldn't find a clean version of just her statement,

I've written before the respect and impact that Chelsea has had on this race when she got involved. It has in a few instances saved the Clinton campaign.

After Hillary lost Iowa she started travelling almost exclusively with Chelsea in New Hampshire.

After Bill made an ass of himself in South Carolina, Chelsea was again seen with Hillary regularly.

After Hillary's major wins in Texas and Ohio were official, Chelsea made a surprise appearance on stage with Hillary.

Going into the campaign Bill Clinton was viewed as the best asset for his wife because of his talent as a campaigner. The truth is the best Clinton on the stump this year has been Chelsea. She has gone to the college campuses which has been hostile territory for Hillary and been very effective.

The way she answered the question showed a class we haven't seen in the campaign since the Los Angeles Debate. This campaign that has deteriorated to an embarrassment and fortunately Chelsea Clinton injected some class during a time when someone was trying to drag it deeper into the mud.

Whether or not her mom is successful in winning the election this year or not, don't think that the Clinton women are done when it comes to being in the conversation for a national office.

Maybe it's time for

Monday, March 24, 2008

Why I No Longer Work On Campaigns

"I just don't understand why don't you work in politics anymore?"

This is probably the question that I am asked most over the course of a year. Whether its people I just met a couple times, or people I talk to everyday.

Why I get this question is my own fault as it's safe to say that I wear my politics and beliefs on my sleeve every once in a while.

The game and intrigue of politics, important issues, history, and public service are interests of mine. As written on this blog before I used to work on the campaign trail when I graduated college. I bounced around the country for almost four years working on one amazing campaign and three pretty disappointing races.

Every once in a while I get that urge to get back on the campaign trail, but last week I was reminded why I left and am usually thrilled about that decision.

One of my best friends from my campaign days sent me an email titled "Thank the Lord". I assumed it was some kind of silly 'forward'. But when I opened the email it had a link and article and said, 'that this is no longer our sad story'.

So to make it clear the email said "Thank the Lord this is no longer our sad story."

The New York Times wrote the following article about the rough lives of those who have worked on the Democratic campaigns. Click on this sentence to read the article.

Have always tried to explain to people the efforts and work that people on campaigns do. The way your life is completely consumed by the work. If you went to college its like 'finals week' every week, and the last two weeks of an election can only be explained as pure hell.

The second line of the article talks about a 105 degree fever. This brought back memories of the end of one of my campaigns when I was awake around 50 straight hours when I had 103 fever and a flu.

That was a campaign that when we lost I remembered crying. I cried and I didn't even like the candidate! But I was such an emotional and health wreck that I couldn't control myself.

  • You eat like shit and at the craziest times so your health is worse than it will ever be.
  • You work late and get up early.
  • You go door to door in the rain.
  • You pass our fliers in the snow.
  • You walk in bullshit parades.
  • You are under the microscope of people
  • You are at the mercy of local elected officials and party leaders who love to show how much power they have.
Imagine getting a frantic call at 1am from a Local Democratic Party Councilman after you pulled an all-nighter because a yardsign of your opponent is on their block.

Imagine having the police called on your group after you leave a bar because your opponents campaign tries to nail you for a DUI. (For the record we had a designated driver)

Imagine being called every name in the world by a member of the candidates family for something you didn't even do.

Imagine putting on an event for one of the highest profile people in the country (at the time at least) and having the union, who was hosting the event, call you and say they were going to cancel it a half hour before it started, because they didn't want the President of the Local AFL-CIO to speak at their event. Then having to call that labor leader and tell him he had to give up his chance to speak at the marquee event of the campaign.

The lives of the people that work campaigns cannot be considered lives at all. Its a mindset of toughness and paranoia that is unmatched in most professions. It is why so many people burn out on it and get as far away from it as possible and write blogs like me.

As much as I cringe with fear from those days I wouldn't trade in my campaign days for almost anything.

I wish I made more money, didn't run up as much debt, and was healthier, but the lessons I learned and experiences I gained were invaluable.

I went to seniors homes, Mosques, African American Churches, Union Meetings, Evangelical Churches, NRA meetings, Gun Shows, Pro Choice rally's, Pro Life Rallys, Fire Houses, Police Stations, and so many more places I probably would never have gone.

I had to handle high pressure situations and big egos on the tightest of deadlines all before the age of 25.

Also had the privilege to make some great friends and worked for one candidate that to this day I would still quit my job tomorrow and go work for if he called.

Most importantly for me I gained a 'second' family on one of my campaigns. It was no one I worked with, but because the campaign was in the same town as one of my best friends I was blessed to get to know his family. This wonderful family treated me so well that it made that race the most personally enjoyable for me. The ironic thing is, I don't know if any of them voted for my candidate.

Since that point I don't go a week without forwarded emails from my friends dad (even if a number of them are Republican propaganda), stood up in my buddies wedding, go back to visit regularly, get weekly pictures of my two nieces (blood or not, even if one of them was terrified of me at 3 weeks old), and most importantly, they are some of my most regular and loyal blog readers, lol. Had I not worked that campaign, I wonder if it I would have ever had the chance to develop this bond with this amazing family.

Campaigns are crazy and the people that work on them are dedicated people who really care. They are not who you see on TV like James Carville, Mike Murphy or Mary Matalin. Instead they are kids who think they are doing good. Some are just ambitious, but those that do it for a line on their resume, don't last long.

People always talk about how tired candidates look during a campaign. It ain't nothing compared to the people that dedicate their lives to getting that candidate elected.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Words that Inspire... me

There have been a lot of discussions in this election cycle about moving oratory, words, and speeches. Debates on how oratory can inspire, educate, and motivate people. Debates on if it means anything without action and follow through.

Well last night I went to Milwaukee to see my favorite band for the 3rd time this year and I think my 8th time overall. That would be as The Boss refers to it "the heart stopping, pants dropping, earth shattering, hard rocking, hips shaking, earth quaking, nerve breaking, Viagra taking, history making, legendary E-Street Band" (pictured above).

I started going to Springsteen shows after he wrote a brilliant album inspired by the tragedy of 9/11 called "The Rising". Saw my 1st show back in November of 2002 when I was living in the great city of Louisville, Kentucky. I drove up to Cincinnatti and heard him divide the crowd against him when he lended his voice to a a boycott by civil rights leaders who were protesting police brutality and opened the show with the song American Skin (41 Shots). This song was written about Amadou Diallo, who was killed in his New York City doorway when police shot him 41 times after mistaking his wallet for a gun.

Needless to say I was hooked and inspired. I had just finished a campaign that we lost and was again doubting why I was working in politics and was instantly inspired by the words, emotion, and power of the crowd at the concert. I had been to concerts before, but this one was different, I left on a high. From that point on I went from a fan of one of his CD's to what is now a total fanatic of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

In his most recent album titled Magic he eloquently voiced the frustrations of many, including myself, with the direction that our country has headed recently. Springsteen took a lot of heat from some long time fans when he campaigned for John Kerry in 2004. While always on the left of the political spectrum, he had stayed out of campaigns directly.

Unlike many in opposition to the policies of President Bush, Springsteen spoke out when the President was over 60% approval and flying onto aircraft carriers proclaiming "Mission Accomplished" and having recently captured Saddam Hussein. Some fans wrote him off as they felt he betrayed them. In my three shows this year, talking to die hards think many of those fans are back already and many new ones are around as a result.

Springsteen is no stranger to politics. John Edwards used the song The Rising at his campaign events and even Hillary used it after she started losing early. John Kerry used the song No Surrender in 2004.

It not just Democrats who felt Springsteen's music was appropriate. Most famously in 1984 former President Ronald Reagan used the song Born in the USA for a while as his campaign song and praised Springsteen for his patriotism. At one point the Reagan campaign tried to get endorsed by Springsteen. The problem is that Reagan, like many others, never really listened to what the song said. Born in the USA is actually a brutally honest strory of the hardships suffered by returning Vietnam Veterans. It's patriotism is in the truth it was telling, not in a phony flag waving, flag wearing patriotism that has become too prevalent in the country today.

In response to Reagan's praise Springsteen responded in Pittsburgh by playing Johnny 99 a song about a laid off autoworker who turns to murder. He questioned if Reagan had ever listened to an album of his and then wondered aloud, "I don't think it was the Nebraska album. I don't think he's been listening to this one." Nebraska was a rather dark view of things and showed the irony of Reagan's praise.

Springsteen never endorsed Reagan and in interest of full disclosure never endorsed Walter Mondale either. In fact Mondale's campaign claimed an endorsement the Springsteen camp. The Springsteen camp denied the endorsement causing Mondale to have to correct their statement.

At two points last night Springsteen got politically motivated in his talk. When he introduced the title track of the new album called Magic he told what he meant when he wrote the song. Not a hokey song aboutmagic tricks like pulling a rabbit out of a hat (though its a line in the song), but rather he says the real magic tricks "that have been going on in this country the past eight years." Without saying it he's talking about the deception perpetrated by the Bush Administration. The message is clear in Magic with the following lines that make a point.
  • "Trust none of what you hear, And less of what you see, this is what will be"
  • "And the freedom that you sought's, Driftin' like a ghost amongst the trees"

In a later, brutally honest, 20 second rant Springsteen talked of the recent attacks on the Constitution, from rendition, to habeaus corpus, to civil liberties and wrapped it up by stating the obvious.

"We're gonna do what we can to stop this,,,,, we're gonna sing about it!" Which drew laughs from crowd amongst a chorus of "F&^* Bush" from every direction. The boo's against his clearly biased statements were lower than I remember in recent concerts. Keep in mind this was in Milwaukee, not the most liberal place in the country.

He then went into another of his protest songs titled Livin in the Future.

This brilliant song has the chorus:

"Don't worry Darlin', now baby don't you fret. We're livin' in the future and none of this has happened yet"

And has the long two stanzas near the end of the song you can read for and interpret for yourself.

"The earth it gave away, the sea rose toward the sun/ I opened up my heart to you it got all damaged and undone/My ship Liberty sailed away on a bloody red horizon/ The groundskeeper opened the gates and let the wild dogs run/ I'm rollin' through town, a lost cowboy at sundown/ Got my monkey on a leash, got my ear tuned to the ground/ My faith's been torn asunder, tell me is that rollin' thunder/ Or just the sinkin' sound of somethin' righteous goin' under?"

He followed that song up with a classic Springsteen song "The Promised Land" with the well known defiant yet hopeful lyric

"If I could take one moment into my hands. Mister I ain't a boy, no I'm a man. And I believe in a promised land."

Springsteen is a communicator, whether you agree with him or not the messages his ability to get his point across in his lyrics has always been powerful and written from his blue collar roots. Springsteen is by no means 'blue collar' anymore, yet he has remained true to his beliefs. Writing about textile mills closing their doors and crippling towns in a song like My Hometown written over 20 years ago.

If you want to hear a couple of powerful songs of protest check out two other newer songs from Magic with direct messages against the way our country has done business. Last to Die and Devil's Arcade

In the vacuum of disappointment that has been celebrities, athletes, and politicians, Bruce Springsteen is a light of hope for me. For me its easier because I happen to agree with him politically, but the guy speaks to this politics geek, more than most any politician does.

In the past 5 years have been told I am too young to be such a fanatical follower of The Boss.

The truth is unlike any actor, artist or politician, in my lifetime, this guy has made had a profound impact on me. Only the words of Aaron Sorking compete with the message of Springsteen.

I recently wrote an article titles "Beware Those You Admire" in reference to the letdown of Elliot Spitzer. I truly hope that it never happens with Springsteen. He is a brilliant, thoughtful and compassionate artist who creates thought with his words and his songs. This fan is hoping that Magic is followed by many more albums, songs, and tours to raise important questions and views.

**********For the record Patrick, disappointingly Girls in Their Summer Clothes was not played last night.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Wright Stuff? and a 17People Rant

So after getting back from Vegas started to watch some CNN, MSNBC and Fox to catch up on the "news" and suddenly I saw two of the people above taking over the news. Two of the three people pictured above I had never seen or heard of before and the third person has slid in the background of the public eye for quite some time.

Yet in the past two weeks of the most contested Presidential Primary in over 40 years the story had become greatly about these three people. For those of you who don't know the people above they are Samantha Powers, Geraldine Ferraro, and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Each of the has made a statement, or in Wrights case statements, that have captivated the headlines of the Presidential campaign.

None of these people are on the ballot, yet the media and the campaigns have turned these three people into newsworthy stories. Two of them have had to resign their service to the campaigns, an act particularly funny because neither of them was even getting paid. The third has been publicly rebuked by his candidate and parishioner.

To recap their faults:

  • When she thought she was off the record Powers called Hillary Clinton a "monster" and was forced to resign her volunteer position as a foreign policy advisor
  • Ferraro made a ridiculous comment that essentially said Barack Obama is only where he is because he is a black man
  • Reverend Wright had some sermons come back to bite him and Barack Obama. Obama has repudiated the statements. To see the statements see the Reverend Wright in action

Powers statement was a mistake, but she is a casualty of politics of sensitivity. The Clinton camp was able to act shocked, appalled, and astonished by the statement in order to try and turn the news cycle in their favor. Powers is a Harvard Professor and a brilliant thinker, since she called a Presidential candidate a name she was pushed out of the campaign despite an apology where she said she 'deeply regretted' the comment.

Ferraro dug herself into the hole and kept digging it deeper with a lame attempt at explaining what she said. But to label Geraldine Ferraro a racist doesn't sit right with me.

As for Rev. Wright, I wish I could say that these statements won't effect people's views of Barack Obama but I think that they will play a role and are awful coverage for Obama especially. The views of Reverend Wright are the kinds of comments that really turn people off. What's worse for Obama is the people most turned off by these comments are the voters he has struggled with the most, middle to low income white voters.

Now I don't care what any one's preacher, priest, rabbi, imam, says in my voting for a candidate. But this again is the kind of story and issue that distracts from the real issues in our country. We have to make decisions on people who may actually do something on the issues that are really going to change this country. Barack, Hillary, or John McCain's priests views are not my concern and won't be when I go vote.

I wonder if the Right Wing radio guys who love to say Barrack "Hussein" Obama are happy about these comments or not, because it shows pretty clearly that Obama is not a Muslim.

The words of Reverend Wright, Samantha Powers, and Geraldine Ferraro to me don't reflect the views of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Clinton and Obama's repudiations of these folks don't show me their character. This shows the never ending problem of this campaign which is that these two campaigns are similar in their views stances on positions so to grab the news all they have to do is grab at lame ass comments by supporters.

I hope against hope, that moving forward these two campaigns can get away from firing on each others staffs and supporters. These three are just the latest in a litany of people who get fired or slandered for having an opinion. Something called the 1st Amendment entitles them to these positions and to see them dragged through the mud is rather disheartening.

Some will say the Reverand Wright was waaay out there in his views. My experience in having had the great privilege to attend some African American churches is my campaign days is that Reverand Wright is not alone in these thoughts. Plus look at his congregation, they weren't booing him for his comments.

I have one thing to say to these two candidates and their campaigns.


I love hard nosed politics and participated in them when I worked on the trail. Yet, this past month has caused me to hate this campaign.

This is why I called on Hillary to drop out even after her Texas and Ohio wins. This race has deteriorated from campaign of ideals, hope, and change, to a complete embarrassment. I'm almost beginning to sympathize and understand why Ralph Nader decided to run for office again.

These two parties,,,, to put it clearly,,,, are failing this country. I dare say if Bloomberg got in the race now, I'd be very close to supporting him.

I just got my 401K monthly update and for the second month in a row I have had a negative month despite contributing over 10% of my salary. I know I'm not the only one and this is just one of the many issues we need serious people to solve.

I'm always told that when it comes to voters that,,, "I'm different" or "the exception" because I follow it closely, or because I read about policy and issues. That religion and personal lives really matter in choosing a candidate. Issues and policy are for 'egghead liberals' like myself.

Well, if history has taught us anything is that when a country or superpower reaches high levels of decadence, it is in danger of falling off that powerful position. Things have come to roost in America in many ways, and whomever takes over the Presidency is going to have to lead with vision and be tough enough to invoke real change.

Yet we are lost in a maze of bullshit and while it appeared Obama/Clinton were going to run a different kind of campaign,, they have failed to change the perception by lowering themselves to the levels they claim to be above.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beware Those You Admire

I am in the great city of Las Vegas for the next couple days on work and as a result was able to watch the Elliot Spitzer resignation live. Was at dinner (at the phenomenal Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay) and discussing the Spitzer situation with some people.

As is easy to tell by my writings I am a pretty liberal thinker. Yet the goal of this blog is to show the truth of both sides issues and Elliot Spitzer will get no free pass. I decided to wait a couple days to give him some time to defend himself just the way I did during the McCain alleged affair. Unlike McCain, Spitzer is obviously guilty.

This story is particularly upsetting to me because I felt Spitzer was one of the rare politicians worth admiring. He vigorously attacked corporate greed and the most powerful companies on Wall St in advocating for real people. He appeared to be a man of high principles and I really thought he could one day be great President.

When people questioned John Edwards when he said he could take on the big money corporations as President, there is noone who would have questioned Spitzers ability to stand up to any powerful lobby.

Well, turns out Spitzer is the same as a long line of politicians, athletes, and celebrities who have proved to consistently let the people down. The older I get the more I realize that admiration should only be for those truly worthy of it. Like your parents, friends, and family that you really know.

When I was younger I thought athletes were the best. Yet as I have gotten older and learned the real stories of guys like Michael Jordan or Roger Clemens that they weren't worth my time.

I also used to think college coaches were role models. Then I saw guys leave schools after one year to chase more money and leave their players/kids hanging. Many of them cheat to get recruits and only survive as college coaches because they can bully their players unlike a pro coach can.

While I am not very religious I feel for those who have had their faith in their leaders betrayed by priests and church leaders. Whether it be those who take advantage of young kids or had extramarital relationships has caused people to question the leadership of various churches.

I think political figures are more expected to have these shortcomings than priests, coaches, or athletes, but we all want to believe that our leaders are good, moral people. Yet, whether it be a sex scandal or a cover up we are constantly let down by our political leaders.

We keep hoping the next man or woman will be different but they almost never are. Bill Clinton was a seriously flawed man in his personal life. George W. Bush appears to be a virtuous man morally, but his policies, way he has run his administration, and decisions have caused many to distrust him.

There are many saying that this will effect Hillary by reminding people of the shortcomings of Bill Clintons character. I actually take a different view. I think this scandal more effects Obama and plays into the Clinton charge that he hasn't truly been vetted. Think people may ask themselves, is Obama as clean as he appears more today than they did yesterday.

When it comes to politicians viewed as 'different than the rest' Obama is the poster boy for a new way of doing things. Of breaking the Bush/Clinton dynasty and bringing a new vision to Washington and leadership. The problem for me is that until three days ago Elliot Spitzer was pretty darn close to having the same kind of reputation.

Friday, March 7, 2008

How Can Anyone be a 'Single Issue' Voter?

Over the weekend I was walking to my apartment was thinking about politics. Had a thought about the fact that I do not have a 'most important issue' in my mind right now. At that moment I hit a spot of ice and began to fall to the ground fast. Fortunately for me there was an iron fence railing to the right of me and I caught myself before crashing to the ground.

But it reminded me of the fear I had in my campaign days when I had periods of no health insurance and a fall like that could have bankrupted me had I been badly hurt. At that time I thought health care was the most important issue in our country. Being uninsured is an awful feeling and the near fall reminded me of that again.

Now I know there are many people out there who would never vote for a Pro-Life or Pro-Choice candidate. I respect both sides passion, but in our current country abortion is not even on my radar screen when it comes to what I want the government focusing its energy on.

Currently in this country we have many problems and while I blame President Bush for some of them the fact is, like Chris Matthews has said that since the Civil Rights movement and Medicare, the US Government has failed the American people.
  • For almost 50 years, we have talked about reforming entitlements (Social Security and Medicare) and the result has been NOTHING. In fact Congress have made them both worse by using it as a scare issue to woo senior votes
  • Somewhere over 44million people don't have health care and that number goes up every year
  • There has been no movement on a new energy policy and we grow more and more dependent on foreign oil while possibly putting the planet at risk with uncontrolled pollution
  • Our country has lost a huge number of manufacturing, blue collar jobs and our country is becoming a buyer of everything and less a supplier of anything
  • The value of our dollar is currently in the toilet
  • For the 1st time since WW2 Americans have less owe more to banks than they have equity in their homes
  • Home foreclosures are at their highest rates in years as a result of predatory lending
  • The cost of the war in Iraq is over $500billion and there are now estimates it will end up costing more than $3trillion
  • The infrastructure of the country is behind that of much of the world from the quality of our bridges and roads to the obvious poor construction of our levees
  • There has been little done to combat poverty
  • The US's foreign policy is far too often focusing on 'tomorrow' instead of the 'long term'

There are many more issues I can point to, but these are a number of them in the headlines which are vitally important to the daily lives of Americans. I know that come the general election there will be much discussion about abortion, gay marriage, and many other 'wedge issues' designed to distract voters from what is in their best interests.

I just hope that as a country we hold our candidates accountable to a wide array of issues and not to be so narrow in the issues we care about. We can not afford to do nothing and think it will be ok. The world is catching up if they haven't caught up already and we have important issues to deal with .

The next President will need to handle more than social issues that inflame the Red and Blue states. There must be a long term vision domestically and internationally as we cannot afford a narrow day to day mentality while the rest of the world is aiming to compete and or beat us across the board. Passion for single issues is not a bad thing, but it can be when it obstructs long term progress.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Hilla-Rebound?

What is it with this race? Every time you think the race is over, something happens that opens it back up. To spin last night as anything other than a huge success for Hillary Clinton, as the Obama team has, would be crazy.
After the wins for Hillary Clinton in Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas it once again is a sign of one of my most often used political thoughts. "You can never count out the Clinton's." Love them or hate them, the Clinton's are the most resilient politicians of modern times.
As I wrote yesterday, think that the re-humanization of Hillary on Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and other places reminded voters why they like her. That combined with a rough 4 days of press for Obama gave her just enough to sneak out a victory. They weren't huge victories, but wins are big.
Two other winners for the night are in the above picture with Hillary. Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones went way out on the limb for Hillary in the face of a wave of Obama-mania. They were on every TV show as her main surrogates the past two weeks and proved to be her best and most reliable backers to date. As a Democrat I see a huge future for Strickland whether it be as a VP, future Senator, or running for President himself in four or eight years. Congresswoman Tubbs-Jones was a star on CNN, MSNBC, and the networks clearly making the case for Hillary and the both of them deserve a lot of credit for the 10point Hillary victory
After a month of election night speeches where Hillary was a candidate in a haze of denial and delusion, she was able to give a speech like the one I raved about after February 5th's Super Tuesday. She was confident and even showed a hint of graciousness by recognizing Obama and what he has meant to the campaign.
All that being said, I still believe what I said yesterday.
Hillary should drop out of the race and endorse Obama,,, and do it,, now. To take this race 7 more weeks to Pennsylvania or 12 more weeks to Puerto Rico, would give the Republicans their best chance to keep the White House.
She has had a great week, is on the upswing in the eyes of the country, and has reminded people like me who always liked and respected her, why they did. She could leave the race now, unite the party, be a major player in the election and be viewed as a hero.
Or she can drag Obama into the gutter, try to strong arm Super Delegates, and cause an irreparable split in the party that will put John McCain in the White House and fill two or more seats on the Supreme Court.
It would go against the fabric of her character to essentially quit the campaign. Hillary is a person who had to face the worst kind of humiliation in the face of the entire world and has rebounded to be a major contender for the Presidency. Yet if she leaves the race now, she will enhance her image and perception as much if she won the Presidency.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well to my loyal readers who have been flooding my email with requests I apologize for my absence on these pages before the huge Ohio and Texas primaries of this evening. The lack of posts is the result of a huge project at work, a rather drunken weekend, and complete disgust with the campaigns of both Obama and Clinton.

There has been so much bad political moves. Accusations back and forth, few of which are important to real people. Did an Obama staffer meet with Canadian officials and make a secret deal on NAFTA? Hillary is blaming the media for everything. Hillary's campaign has dissolved to point blame for their failure, at each other. Hillary went from pinning her hopes on winning Ohio and Texas to her campaign spinning that if Obama doesn't win all four primaries tonite, he will really be the loser.

The whole spin this week has been bullshit. I don't know about you, but for the first time in my life I look at the economy and am truly scared. Yet accusations of Obama being a Muslim and endorsed by Louis Farrakhan are dominating the news.

GET BACK TO THE ISSUES EVERYONE. Our country is at a critical point economically. The Euro may replace the dollar as the reserve currency in the world. If you think things are bad now, that would be disastrous. Yet I hear nothing that makes me feel like any of the three major candidates is going to lead the economy to a rebound.

Though after hearing the ignorance and incompetence of President Bush voice when he was asked about $4.00/gallon.... makes me believe that anyone new in the Oval Office will help the economy to some degree.

As for tonight, I think it will be an interesting night. I believe that Obama will have a good night in Texas because of his superior field organization and be really close in Ohio. Think that his NAFTA attacks on Hillary will be effective and at worst get him a virtual tie there.

I will say this, even though Hillary had a bad week following the beating she took in Wisconsin I think she has rebounded well. If for no other reason due to a solid past week as a result of Saturday Night Live being back on the air. Think Tina Fey's Weekend Update two weeks ago and Hillary's appearance this past week were great for her. Watched Hillary on SNL and I remembered why I always liked Hillary until the past month.

She was funny and likable. Its amazing that every time she shows a likable and human side people flock to her. If she has a good night I don't think it will be her message or 'economic blueprint', it will be because she once again showed herself to be more than the hard nosed, shrill, and ambitious person that she has become so disdained for.

Its my belief that it will be too little for her to win tonight, but again think she is on an upswing with the public, and it will be a great time for her to get out of the race.