Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Class of the Campaign

Have has a few emails and conversations as to why I am not writing about the campaign much right now and instead going off on 17people ideological tangents.

Overall I just don't care about much of what has been said and feel as both campaigns have let the voters down recently.

But saw something the other day that has been all over the news that I thought was one of the classier moments of the campaign and it happened at Butler University in Indiana when Chelsea Clinton was asked about Monica Lewinsky's effect on her mothers credibility.

See the video below, I apologize for the news story attached to it, but couldn't find a clean version of just her statement,

I've written before the respect and impact that Chelsea has had on this race when she got involved. It has in a few instances saved the Clinton campaign.

After Hillary lost Iowa she started travelling almost exclusively with Chelsea in New Hampshire.

After Bill made an ass of himself in South Carolina, Chelsea was again seen with Hillary regularly.

After Hillary's major wins in Texas and Ohio were official, Chelsea made a surprise appearance on stage with Hillary.

Going into the campaign Bill Clinton was viewed as the best asset for his wife because of his talent as a campaigner. The truth is the best Clinton on the stump this year has been Chelsea. She has gone to the college campuses which has been hostile territory for Hillary and been very effective.

The way she answered the question showed a class we haven't seen in the campaign since the Los Angeles Debate. This campaign that has deteriorated to an embarrassment and fortunately Chelsea Clinton injected some class during a time when someone was trying to drag it deeper into the mud.

Whether or not her mom is successful in winning the election this year or not, don't think that the Clinton women are done when it comes to being in the conversation for a national office.

Maybe it's time for

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