Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well to my loyal readers who have been flooding my email with requests I apologize for my absence on these pages before the huge Ohio and Texas primaries of this evening. The lack of posts is the result of a huge project at work, a rather drunken weekend, and complete disgust with the campaigns of both Obama and Clinton.

There has been so much bad political moves. Accusations back and forth, few of which are important to real people. Did an Obama staffer meet with Canadian officials and make a secret deal on NAFTA? Hillary is blaming the media for everything. Hillary's campaign has dissolved to point blame for their failure, at each other. Hillary went from pinning her hopes on winning Ohio and Texas to her campaign spinning that if Obama doesn't win all four primaries tonite, he will really be the loser.

The whole spin this week has been bullshit. I don't know about you, but for the first time in my life I look at the economy and am truly scared. Yet accusations of Obama being a Muslim and endorsed by Louis Farrakhan are dominating the news.

GET BACK TO THE ISSUES EVERYONE. Our country is at a critical point economically. The Euro may replace the dollar as the reserve currency in the world. If you think things are bad now, that would be disastrous. Yet I hear nothing that makes me feel like any of the three major candidates is going to lead the economy to a rebound.

Though after hearing the ignorance and incompetence of President Bush voice when he was asked about $4.00/gallon.... makes me believe that anyone new in the Oval Office will help the economy to some degree.

As for tonight, I think it will be an interesting night. I believe that Obama will have a good night in Texas because of his superior field organization and be really close in Ohio. Think that his NAFTA attacks on Hillary will be effective and at worst get him a virtual tie there.

I will say this, even though Hillary had a bad week following the beating she took in Wisconsin I think she has rebounded well. If for no other reason due to a solid past week as a result of Saturday Night Live being back on the air. Think Tina Fey's Weekend Update two weeks ago and Hillary's appearance this past week were great for her. Watched Hillary on SNL and I remembered why I always liked Hillary until the past month.

She was funny and likable. Its amazing that every time she shows a likable and human side people flock to her. If she has a good night I don't think it will be her message or 'economic blueprint', it will be because she once again showed herself to be more than the hard nosed, shrill, and ambitious person that she has become so disdained for.

Its my belief that it will be too little for her to win tonight, but again think she is on an upswing with the public, and it will be a great time for her to get out of the race.

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