Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beware Those You Admire

I am in the great city of Las Vegas for the next couple days on work and as a result was able to watch the Elliot Spitzer resignation live. Was at dinner (at the phenomenal Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay) and discussing the Spitzer situation with some people.

As is easy to tell by my writings I am a pretty liberal thinker. Yet the goal of this blog is to show the truth of both sides issues and Elliot Spitzer will get no free pass. I decided to wait a couple days to give him some time to defend himself just the way I did during the McCain alleged affair. Unlike McCain, Spitzer is obviously guilty.

This story is particularly upsetting to me because I felt Spitzer was one of the rare politicians worth admiring. He vigorously attacked corporate greed and the most powerful companies on Wall St in advocating for real people. He appeared to be a man of high principles and I really thought he could one day be great President.

When people questioned John Edwards when he said he could take on the big money corporations as President, there is noone who would have questioned Spitzers ability to stand up to any powerful lobby.

Well, turns out Spitzer is the same as a long line of politicians, athletes, and celebrities who have proved to consistently let the people down. The older I get the more I realize that admiration should only be for those truly worthy of it. Like your parents, friends, and family that you really know.

When I was younger I thought athletes were the best. Yet as I have gotten older and learned the real stories of guys like Michael Jordan or Roger Clemens that they weren't worth my time.

I also used to think college coaches were role models. Then I saw guys leave schools after one year to chase more money and leave their players/kids hanging. Many of them cheat to get recruits and only survive as college coaches because they can bully their players unlike a pro coach can.

While I am not very religious I feel for those who have had their faith in their leaders betrayed by priests and church leaders. Whether it be those who take advantage of young kids or had extramarital relationships has caused people to question the leadership of various churches.

I think political figures are more expected to have these shortcomings than priests, coaches, or athletes, but we all want to believe that our leaders are good, moral people. Yet, whether it be a sex scandal or a cover up we are constantly let down by our political leaders.

We keep hoping the next man or woman will be different but they almost never are. Bill Clinton was a seriously flawed man in his personal life. George W. Bush appears to be a virtuous man morally, but his policies, way he has run his administration, and decisions have caused many to distrust him.

There are many saying that this will effect Hillary by reminding people of the shortcomings of Bill Clintons character. I actually take a different view. I think this scandal more effects Obama and plays into the Clinton charge that he hasn't truly been vetted. Think people may ask themselves, is Obama as clean as he appears more today than they did yesterday.

When it comes to politicians viewed as 'different than the rest' Obama is the poster boy for a new way of doing things. Of breaking the Bush/Clinton dynasty and bringing a new vision to Washington and leadership. The problem for me is that until three days ago Elliot Spitzer was pretty darn close to having the same kind of reputation.

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Patrick said...

This is a bit of a sidebar as to your actual point, but it occurred to me that Spitzer actually prosecuted a couple of big prostitution rings.

One has to wonder if he only was removing competition for the services he frequented. I mean, if you removed the three biggest competitors that Burger Bar has, they'd probably supply you with a bunch of free cheeseburgers.

Just sayin.

I think this hurts Hillary because on at least three channels I've seen montages of "Politicians' Wives Betrayed!"

There are a lot of them, they are always standing there by their husbands being humiliated and Hillary is always front an center.