Thursday, July 24, 2008

Contest Results

Had a question on yesterday’s blog asking how the “Biggest Loser” contest turned out. So before I get into the 17people training program and tips, here is how everything went down.

We started with four people on week one. After a very successful first week where the four of us lost a combined 23 pounds a roadblock hit. Before that third weigh-in, another of our friends got married. It was a great wedding but we all let loose, a little too much. It caused half the field to not want to weigh in that next Monday and unfortunately they did not weigh in with us from that week forward.

The competition from that point became a two person deal. So every Monday my one buddy and I weighed in. To the great credit of the two guys who kind of dropped out, they both lost weight over the 4 month span and above all were very supportive throughout the process.

The two of us that were left doing the weekly weigh in saw huge results. My percentage of weight loss was 18.76%. That number did not prove to be enough though as my friend lost over 24% of his body weight. It was awesome to see the change in him and the dedication he had throughout the 4 months.

He and I started at different points of weight, a point I feel he would readily admit. He had more weight to lose than me. He and I have known each other since we played little league baseball together 20+ years ago, and since I have been back in Chicago full time he is one of my best and closest friends. The results and change in him has been amazing.

He went to a wedding this past weekend where he saw some college friends who had no idea about what he was doing. Needless to say they were blown away, 24% smaller is a major change.

As I wrote yesterday this is one of the most fun parts of the process. Seeing friends and family and how happy they are for you is an incredible feeling. You feel better and more confident about yourself. We both have told each other that we don’t just look different, but we walk and sound different. There is a renewed confidence that is .

While I lost the competition, there were no losers other than pounds.

As I wrote yesterday, I won’t write any actual pound numbers for my friends, but between the four of us we lost over 135lbs!

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