Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

No spoiler alerts here as I would never want to ruin The Dark Knight for anyone.
This movie which I saw in an absolutely packed theatre last evening is one of those experiences you have to see and experience for yourself. I have written on this blog before about the change in the way 'Superhero' movies have been made. That they have been made lately as large budget 'independant movies' with directors and actors of the highest quality.
IronMan was great, I thought The Incredible Hulk was very good and the success and reviews of Spider Man speak for themself. I feel as though the change from bubble gum movies to thoughtful, insightful movies really took a turn in Batman Begins.
The Dark Knight takes this genre to an entirely different level of filmmaking. In my political writing I often talk of raising and lowering expectations. If you build up a performance or event it rarely lives up to it. This is one situation where I feel sky high expectations are far exceeded.
The story is intense and dark, the cinematography is brilliant, and the acting, the acting, the acting, wow. The headlines have gone rightly to Heath Ledger's performance as the 'Joker'. Ledger was fantastic, funny, and terrifying throughout the movie.
17People mancrush on Christian Bale (aka Bruce Wayne, Batman) may not be getting the headlines, but brings a depth to the Batman character that makes Batman more than a superhero in the sense that we have grown to expect. While we have often seen the tortured nature of being a superhero in movies the way Bale and this series of Batman depict it is not PG.
Additionally have to say that Aaron Eckhardt, whom I am not all that familiar with, held his own every bit with the gravitas of Ledger and Bale in the role formerly ruined by an awful Tommy Lee Jones performance as Harvey Dent (aka Two Face).
As a born and bred Chicagoan, I am so proud of my city which has been 'Gotham City' for the past two Batmans. Chicago is a magnificent city with a beauty and openness not found in other major US cities. While the acting was great and the story captivating, Chicago was the quiet star of the film. The city gave the movie cart blanche to shoot on location and do some incredible stunts and demolition.
This movie is an experience you need to see and while I am not in the movie review business this movie is awesome.


Sarah said...

I've never considered myself an action movie person, but I've found myself really enjoying movies like Ironman, Wanted and most recently Batman.

I haven't watched a lot of these types of movies since the special effects have gotten so incredible. But with all the new advancements in cinema everything feels a lot more realistic therefore, things are easier to enjoy for me. Batman was an excellent movie.

And you are absolutely correct that it showed Chicago in way that should make you proud. I left thinking "I'd like to take another trip to the windy city." I liked how they didn't try to hide that it was Chicago.

Patrick said...

Dark Knight was one of the best written movies, especially in terms of story structure, that I have seen recently.

Ledger was great, but I think that was due in part to a role that was simply written perfectly. I've been a fan of Bale since American Psycho and agree that he is being overshadowed a bit by the (well deserved) ledger hype.

The Gotham license plates that looked exactly like Illinois plates made me laugh.

17 People said...


I think you are the one who told me about American Psycho and while it is absolutely not my kind of movie, Bale's brilliance in the role made it where I couldnt stop watching despite the violence.

Your brother tells me I have a man crush on Bale. While he is usually wrong, this is one of those things he is probably correct about.

Thought he was oustanding in The Dark Knight and while Ledger stole the screen, Bale was the core and base of the movie and story.

Welcome back to 17people glad to have you and Sarah back posting!