Thursday, September 25, 2008

Due to the Financial Crisis,,, I Suspend My Blog??

In light of the financial crisis, the uplifting speech by President Doomsday last evening, and the latest publicity stunt by John McCain,,,, I have decided to suspend my blog.

We are a single track nation that can only handle one thing at a time and I think we should all suspend our daily lives to focus on is this singular issue, the economic crisis.

In addition to suspending my blog I resolve to go nowhere, quit my job, go on a hunger strike, and cancel my appearance on the David Letterman show and say I am immediately heading to Washington, only to instead conduct an interview with Katie Couric two blocks away.


Before I suspend the blog I need to get some talking points out to my fans so that this 'suspension' plays well in the press. Maybe I could borrow the talking point's the "Campaign First" McCain crew sent out to surrogates after 'suspending' the campaign to 'put the 'country first.'

I mean seriously, can John McCain think of a few more publicity stunts to pull out before the campaign? If he is looking for some more ideas for publicity stunts maybe he should check out this link.

I'd like to remind Senator McCain that the President of the United States has the weight of 300million people on his/her shoulders. It's their job to 'prioritize' what's going on, project calm and instill confidence.

If you are going to conduct a stunt and cover it in the veil of righteous sanctimony you should make sue you can't get caught, oh I don't know, campaigning with the press.

Like McCain did last night when he called to cancel cancel on David Letterman and said he was heading back to Washington?

Instead John McCain got destroyed by Letterman last night who found out that instead of heading back to Washington as he told Letterman directly that he would,,, he went down the street to conduct an interview with Katie Couric. The video from the Letterman is at the conclusion of this article. He was in rare form.

Letterman expressed anger because he was lied to, generally people don't like that.

The question I have begun to ask myself in the past 10 days is this.

Has John McCain changed his stripes in order to win the Presidency?


Did John McCain change his stripes to become the "Maverick" that we thought he was in recent years?

I'm beginning to think that in this election,,, the flip-flopping, say anything, knee jerk reactionary methods,, is the real McCain.

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