Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ok, I readily admit I like and follow politics more than most people. But last nights debate sucked. It was like the BCS Championship game the last couple years. You get excited to watch #1 vs #2 but then the SEC team kicks Ohio States ass and by the third quarter your wondering if the final spread will be 20 or 30. (Boom, that ones for you)

While the last two debates have not been blowouts, they have been incredible boring. Come to think of it, just like Big Ten football. After John Edwards withdrew people were all looking forward to the one on one debates of Clinton and Obama.

The 1st debate in Los Angeles had 8million people watch and was an historic moment. A woman and an African American. They both looked presidential, they both debated with civility and class.

The past two debates have been lame. The civility and class has gone out the window as Hillary Clinton has scratched and clawed to remain viable. Obama has played effective defense in order to not screw up, but these debates are not helping him in the big picture. He needs last nights debate to be the last debate.

As for Hillary, I think she has come off as a spoiled brat who can't get her head around the fact she is about to lose. I find it so ironic, because I really thought the initial 14 debates before Iowa she was really good in them and Obama was pretty bad in them. But some in the Obama camp said he was telling supporters to not worry about his debate performances.

"I'll show up in the fourth quarter," Obama is reported to have told supporters about debates. Well like the SEC teams against Ohio State in the BCS Championship it turns out he didn't have to show up in the fourth quarter. The Buckeyes or in this case Hillary Clinton would do the work for him by showing they didn't deserve to even be in the game.

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