Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Democratic Primary Thoughts

  • Two weeks ago after her victory in Pennsylvania on this blog I wrote, "The Clinton campaign remains in a no-win situation". While I am hardly a political prophet, this year in particular, the trail to the nomination appeared and still appears too steep for Hillary to climb to get back for the nomination.
  • It is easy for many to slam Hillary Clinton for many reasons. Many, including myself have done so recently. While much of the criticism has been well earned Hillary deserves a lot of credit for making a race that appeared over a long time ago into a competitive race.
  • The reality for Hillary is that even with a major endorsement from the Governor of North Carolina she was not able to make North Carolina a close race. Had she made North Carolina close, or won North Carolina outright she would have been able to sell Super delegates and Pundits that she was the candidate with the momentum.
  • Obama survived the nauseating rants of Jeremiah Wright and exceeded expectations last evening. While he has certainly underwhelmed as a candidate in the past couple months he showed some strength and resilience that will be necessary in a campaign against John McCain.
  • The road ahead is certainly bumpy for Obama. Wright will not go away, the slandering and misinformation that he is a Muslim and anti-American will intensify, and the inherent racism that exists in much of this country will be brought even more to the surface.
  • Once the campaign gets going and John McCain is put in the cross hairs of both the media and the Democrats this bump he has received in light of the Clinton/Obama war battle should quickly disintegrate.
  • A McCain-Obama battle would be an interesting match up as the Republicans will try and turn Obama into a Clinton and get past their issues with the fact that many Republicans don't like John McCain.
  • There have been many recent polls that have said Clinton supporters won't vote for Obama and vice versa. Personally I think that this is a load of crap. Emotions are high right now and supporters in primaries are generally very loyal to their candidate right up until,,, they see the guy from the other party that will win if they don't support the other guy in their own party.

Finally, I wrote after Ohio and Texas that Hillary should drop out and do so while on a high note. My thinking was if she dropped out then that she would be viewed in a very positive light by other Dem's and people around the country.

I was wrong then as she has won two major states since then in Pennsylvania and Indiana and tested Obama which will be good for him in the long run.

But once again, would like to see her leave the race with some class and dignity. The only way for her to do that is to leave the race on her own and not force this election to be decided by Super Delegates.

I commend Hillary Clinton on her toughness and never quit approach. But there is no way she wins the nomination now without doing so in a dirty, underhanded way. I hope she leaves the race in the next couple weeks with a wonderful speech that like her Super Tuesday speech or some of her debate performances, remind people why they should like her.

Senator Clinton despite following some shitty Mark Penn advice early, you nearly came back and won this race. Not even for the good of the party, but for your own good, please do the right thing and leave the race with class.

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Anonymous said...

For too long (and this campaign has defined the term "too long")Mrs. Clinton's key philosophical campaign message to the people was "I am ready to work as President on day one". She left too much to the imagination of people. Her campaign chose not to compete in every caucus. Her campaign spent millions of dollars early on unproductive messages.

Mr. Obama's key philosophical campaign message to the people was "Politicians need to work together more to meet the many critical needs of more Americans". This message inspired the action of volunteers, small-dollar-amount contributors, and voters.