Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hillary RFK Comment

Above is the video of Hillary Clinton's now infamous statement about the assassination of RFK in relation to the nominating process.

I first heard or read about this at the gym which had MSNBC on and instantly I was angry at her thinking it was a typical stupid ass Clinton comment giving further reason that her presence in the race is serving no one but herself.

Then I saw the video and really didn't think that it was so bad. I think her point was that this desire to wrap up nominations is a new found thing.

After stewing on this for a couple days I think the following. The Clinton's are about as subtle as a bean ball to the head. They both have a tendency to misspeak, but also choose their words very strategically.

This comment was not a 'misspeak', but a bush league effort to scare voters and Super Delegates of what could happen.

I really wanted to give Hillary a pass on this statement but I think this is yet another example of her inability to leave this campaign without making people like her even less than they already do.

Here's what she should have said:

"The 1968 Primary was still in question well into June."

This is all she had to say and this controversy would never have sprung up.

Maybe she thinks people will be less likely to support him if they feel he might be assassinated, but if that is a strategy to win, its sucks.

Look at the video and make your own opinion, would be interested to hear it.

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Patrick said...

I think it illustrates why Obama would be foolish to to pick as a running mate. He'd be dead by March.

Earlier I commented I look at Hillary as the Lady Macbeth/Macbeth of politics and that still holds true. I mean right now her most realistic strategy to win seems to be to actively campaign for someone to assassinate her opponent.

I gotta give her credit, it is sort of a back to the basics approach to politics. I suspect she's going to start posting his schedule on her website along with favorable vantage points at each stop, secret service radio codes and notes on windage and elevation.

It's not like it wasn't calculated either, she said the same thing back in March.