Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"These Things Happen in Three's"

So was in a CVS store today to check my blood pressure (117/74) to be exact. Pretty good for a guy with a history of high blood pressure. While there I made a decision to pick up an issue of Golf Digest with an article I was interested in with regards to golf's environmental impact. This decision led to the story of this blog.

As I was waiting in line the cashier at the counter was talking to the lady who was making a purchase in front of me about the tragic Cyclone in Myanmar and the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in China. These two folks were talking about it in a biblical context essentially fretting over a pending Armageddon.

Now when it comes to climate change and our need to change our ways I am an alarmist and will preach to anyone about things we can do to better take care of the earth. Of those ways to be a better steward of the environment the list does not include praying or going to Church. Unless you walk there as oppose to drive.

Hearing these two random people talk about 'Armageddon' threw me for a loop. Not because I am afraid of Armageddon but that there are people who actually do worry about this.

Worrying about one's own death makes some sense I guess, though hate to tell you all, we're all going to die at some point. Worrying about one's own health or that of their family makes perfect sense. Even worrying about someone who lives on the Florida coast during Hurricane season or around the San Andreas fault makes some small amount of logical sense.

To worry about a catastrophic natural event that will end the world? If the end of the world is coming by some, Act of God, there is NOTHING you will be able to do to stop it.

So as I walked up to the register, after far too long a wait, the cashier said...

Her: What about that earthquake in China?
Me: Very sad that....
Her: You know these of things happen in threes, don't you?
Me: Well....
Her: They do, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It all comes from there
Me: Yeah, I've.......
Her: And with all that we've done in Chicago, bet you it happens here next.
Me: What do you want to bet?
Her: Ugh, the magazine is $3.99.

Now hopefully, my smartassness doesn't come back to bite me.

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Patrick said...

I for one can't wait for the rapture. The sooner god calls all these mouth breathing morons to heaven and leaves the rest of us down here the better.

Here's my prediction.

2012- The Rapture occurs. Crazy Christians (not normal, sane Christians mind you, just the bat-shit insane, bible is literally true ones. And yes, if you think the bible is literally true you are either crazy of brain damaged.) get called up to heaven, just like in those books.

The rest of us freak out for about a week.

Fast forward 25 years.

Earth is awesome. It's like Star Trek- we've all got flying cars, we cure cancer by waving a salt shaker at the tumors and we've got booze that lets you decide when you want to not be drunk anymore.

We all live to be 120 and can't figure out why we used to spend so much energy killing each other.

Also, I command a starship.