Friday, May 16, 2008

Patriotic Gas?

Soon I will have a picture of this image that made me laugh yesterday.

I was filling up my American made SUV (which is my cross to bear) last night with $4.09 gas and looked at the screen on the pump.

Usually on this screen you see one word that says "FUELING".

Not yesterday, instead the marketing whiz's at Royal Dutch Shell decided to push patriotism.

Shell's screen had the following message on it:


My research shows me that Shell had global profits of $27.31 Billion last year, the screen should say, "Thank You America".

I'm not trying to be anti-capitalist, but I can do without being patronized when being screwed me with my pants when it comes to cost. Seriously, when filling up your vehicle with gas,,, is patriotism one of your feelings.

I should have checked to see if I could have bought a flag lapel pin inside the gas station.


Patrick said...

The people of the United States having to pay that much for gas reminds me of the Civil Rights movement.

Sarah said...

Since Hillary's latest speech, Patrick's been comparing everything in this house to the civil rights movement.

Me: We are out of coffee.
Patrick: Well that reminds me of the civil rights movement... bla bla bla..

It's kinda amusing.

17 People said...

have you guys considered selling your life as a reality show?