Monday, August 11, 2008


If you haven't seen the 4x100 meter Freestyle Relay that took place at the Olympics last night, watch the video here. The above video is just the last leg of the relay, but the whole race was a spectacle to behold.

There are moments in athletics that get people talking and this race is an example of just that. The word 'great' is used far too often in our vocabulary to describe everything. This race was great.

I was at my parents house last evening and the three of us were going crazy rooting for the Americans. The phenomenal call of the race by Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines added to the excitement. Couple that with the bad blood that had been developing between the French and American swimming teams. Before the race Alain Bernard of France said about the American Team, "We are going to smash them".

The race was full of history breaking performances. The previous world record was beat,,,, by five of the 8 teams. The US won, by .08 seconds. The 100m freestyle world record was broken by the leadoff swimmer for the Australian team. In the same 100meters Michael Phelps set an American Record with his leadoff leg. Cullen Jones who swam the third leg became just the second African American to win a swimming medal. Jason Lezak who swam the incredible Anchor Leg of the race swam the fastest 100m relay leg in history.

And it was all done on the biggest stage in swimming at the Olympic games.

17people will post the entire race video once I am able to find it for public use, as it is one of those moments that was too much fun.

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Patrick said...

My favorite part of it was that, three-forths of the way through the final leg (so about half a pool length) Rowdy Gaines is still saying the French were going to win.

Then that kid just explodes. It was like he had two sharks strapped to his shins.