Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes We Must,,,, WIN!

If you didn't see the speech of Barack Obama last evening it is one of the rare 'must see' moments in politics. 84,000 people flooded Invesco Field and saw our next President.

Watch the speech by clicking on this link.

It was powerful, it was moving, it was a game changer. While Obama has had his lead chipped away as of late and questions have been asked if he had the strength to stand up to attacks, he answered all those questions and then some.

Obama showed the country last night he is going to take the fight to the Republicans on his turf, on their turf, and on our behalf to take our nation out of the darkness of the Bush debaccle for the past eight years. He has put the Republicans on notice, this is not 4 or 8 years ago, we are not afraid of your attacks anymore.

While I voted for Barack in the primary, I have had a hard time really embracing him at any point of the election. There has been a disconnect for me. I have wondered if someone with more experience should be our choice. I have never bought the JFK or RFK comparisons, and I am a different voter, rhetoric doesn't appeal to me. Actually governing to help people is what I care about.

Seeing this convention has me on board and its time to start fighting harder for Barack Obama to be President. Not just his speech last night which was great. This convention reminded me why my 401K has shrunk, why my money is going less far, why my country has been damaged in the eyes of the World. It reminded all of us, where Barack and Michelle Obama come from, and where Joe Biden comes from.

They may not have lives we relate to today, but their upbringings resonate, and unlike windsurfers or $500 haircuts, it can't be painted that these guys don't care or are out of touch.

For two elections, we let our fears guide us and we let bullshit cloud our judgement. We had candidates who were smart and brilliant men allow street fighters to knife us in the gut. This convention we said as Barack said last night, "Enough".

We saw Michelle Obama, and said, there's a first lady. We saw Joe Biden, and thought, he may not be a huge vote getter, but he is the right person to be VP. We heard Hillary and Bill Clinton tell us of the importance of getting back to a time when our country grows for all of us, and uses the words 'responsibility' and 'accountability', not as slogans, but as ways of governing to lift us all up.

It is important to note, last night is just one speech. There are 9+ weeks to go and anything can happen either way. There will be four debates with a lot on the line for both sides. Conventions don't win elections, but they can lose them, and the Democrats sure as hell didn't lose the election and certainly got a big boost positive for them going forward.

This election is about the future of the country and Barack Obama is that future.

***** As was mentioned by Brian Williams last night, there was a Sorkin-esque tone to the speech last night. Less President Bartlett and more President Shepherd from The American President. Below is the brilliant last speech of that movie.

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