Monday, August 4, 2008

My Cable Guy(s) Story

In the span of our lifetime everyone has certain stories that we share with others. If you want to get a rolled eye reaction from most people around bring up what happens when you have your cable provider show up for a service call.

We all know the way it works. You have an inexplicable problem with your cable and call for help and the company tells you when they can come out and correct it. Not just the day that works for them, but the 3 or 4 hour window that they will be out in.

My cable guys turned up and hour and a half later than the 3 hour window they gave me. Also instead of just one guy coming out, there were two. I'm not sure about you, but I never feel very comfortable with people in my place that I don't know, but I live in a 1 BR apartment and there aren't many places to hide.

They installed a new cable box they then said they had to wait for the information to download or the server to upgrade to recognize the new box.

This process created a unique scenario as the time they had to wait with me was 30 minutes long. The station that came up when they installed the new cable box was Encore. A movie channel I don't even subscribe to.

Playing on Encore at that moment is brat pack movie Sixteen Candles.

Do they change the channel?


So for the next 30minutes I am sitting in my apartment with my TWO cable guys both of whom were big enough to be offensive linemen for the Chicago Bears,,,, watching Sixteen Candles.

Better yet, they loooved it. They were cracking up and making fun of Molly Ringwald to the point I was starting to laugh.

Eventually the new cable box was ready, though I think they stayed a few minutes extra to see the scene where Anthony Michael Hall shows off Molly Ringwald's panties to his fellow 'geeks.'

Cable Guy 1: Your all set, just play the HD On Demand for 60 seconds and everything will be fine.
Me: Really you guys should come back next week, maybe watch some "Pretty in Pink"
Cable Guys 1 and 2: Uggggghh

Best part of the whole deal is after I watched the HD On Demand thing I learned that my HBO, Showtime, MLB Package (yes I have a siick cable deal) and HD channels,,, none of them were working.

All this meant was I had to get on the phone with Comcast wait on hold for 15minutes and have them send a signal to my new box to make it work.

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