Monday, October 6, 2008

Its the Economy Stupid(s)

Despite many attempts at misdirection, outlandish statements, and negative politics,,, there is only one issue that controls this election,,, the economy.

Today the economy is once again the story of the day, and it will remain so for the next 29 days of the election and probably the next 18-24months.

A strong finish on Wall Street couldn't keep the Dow Jones from finishing under 10,000 points for the first time in over four years.

Yet the day on the campaign trail started with reaction to Sarah Palin's 'palling around with terrorists' comment about Barack Obama.

Instead of taking the high road the Obama camp went after the McCain's history of palling around with felons,,, namely the Keating 5 with a new website,,

While I don't think hitting on the Keating 5 is the tactic I would've taken,,, yet,, the saving grace for Obama is that the story of the Keating 5 has many similarities to the problems we have today with the economy.

The economic nervousness out there is why people don't care as much about the frivolous attacks that so dominated our recent elections. Democrats, myself included, have used the term, "Rove-Style Politics" a lot this year.

Here's the thing,,, Rove-Style Politics aren't working this year.

Because issues and not personalities are front and center.

That's right,,,, I said issues.

I had some personal confidantes tell me when I started this blog that 'people don't care about issues' the way that I do. That pointing out, issues, was 'out of touch'. That voters care about which candidate they best 'relate to' and not about their positions.

Well guess what?!

In this election,, it appears that the issues matter.

Bill Ayers, Thomas Muthee, Jeremiah Wright, and Charles Keating are not going to determine this election in the end,,, Barack Obama and John McCain's vision for America will.

The American people expect these campaigns to be prepared to talk about the economy for the next 29 days.

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