Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Surprise Endorsement For Obama

When it comes to conservatism there is one man who can be called the architect of true 'small government' conservatism. That man passed away earlier this year, and his name was William F. Buckley.

One of my regrets on this blog was that I didn't finish a quick article that commemorated his death. While Buckley and I fundamentally disagreed on government I always thought him an exceptional mind. In 1955 Buckley founded the National Review Magazine, which has been the handbook for American Conservatism for years.

So when I read an endorsement for Barack Obama this weekend penned by William F. Buckley's son, Christopher Buckley,, I was pretty surprised. Christopher Buckley, an accomplished writer in his own write, the movie Thank You For Smoking, was based on a Buckley book. Christopher Buckley is also a well credentialed conservative who was writing the article on the back page of the National Review.

As I said, William F. Buckley founded the magazine, so when I saw Christopher Buckley on Hardball last night saying that he had to resign from the magazine he's a part owner of because of conservative backlash and people who threatened and did cancel their subscription.

As you can see in the interview below, Buckley was a bit surprised that they accepted his resignation, but they willingly did.

Here's what gets me, and Chris Buckley made the point below. William F Buckley was the kind of guy that argued with civil discourse. He let his opponents make their cases. Read the link to his sons view of Obama above.

You can disagree with them, but you can't say they aren't thoughtful.

Buckley, along with fellow National Review author Kathleen Parker have received thousands of hateful emails and letters calling them traitors. Parker has been very critical of Sarah Palin, which has caused conservatives to hate her apparently. Yet Parker has not resigned apparently, because while critical of Palin, she has not yet endorsed Obama.

One last thought.

I just wonder if any of the conservatives that criticize Democrats anger at Joe Lieberman for backing McCain are any of the same people that demanded Christopher Buckley resign or be fired for voicing his opinion?

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