Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's in My Name?

My friends, I have kept a deep, dark, and embarrassing secret from you.

This admission is so damaging that it will surely crush my future political ambitions.

My revelation to you all is this,,, my middle name,,,, is George.

I can hear the attacks from my future opponents now.

  • Can we really trust a man whose middle name is the same as George W. Bush’s first name?!
  • How can you talk about change and reform,,, when your name is George?
  • George? How can we be sure that’s not a Muslim name?
  • George? My George Foreman Grill never worked!! Did yours?!
  • George!?!?! I’d rather his middle name was Hoover,,,, or Hussein!

The root of my middle name comes from within my family, but surely I can’t trust the people to understand that.

My middle name will inspire such anger that mobs of people go to political rally’s of my future opponents and shout awful, hate filled things when they are told my middle name.

Face it… the last eight years have ruined it for those people with the name George.

When it comes to all things George, Americans are saying,,,

“Never Again”


OK, my little satire aside.

Are we as a nation really so stupid that we will judge people based on their middle name? Or for that matter their first or last name?

Apparently some Republicans think that we are this ignorant?

Twice in the past couple days Republicans that have introduced John McCain and Sarah Palin have drawn loud cheers by emphasizing the middle name of Barack Obama, which in case you were unaware, is Hussein.

Barack Obama was named after his father who was Barack Hussein Obama Sr. How many people do you know named after their father or mother?

By the logic of some people out there we should think that sharing a name with a bad person means that you are also be a bad person.

The worst part about this is the implications and inferences being made by the McCain and Palin team. Saying that Obama ‘pals around with terrorists’ is the kind of thing that incites people. If you think I am overreacting see the video of the crowd leaving a recent rally of theirs at the bottom of this post.

In 26 days though we are going to turn the page with a new voice, a new vision, and hopefully provide, as he says, "Change We Can Believe In".

I hope the people in the video below will even come around.

Beware, if your a fan of Obama, this video is only going to depress you. But hopefully it motivates you to take a role and help get Obama elected.

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