Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain Attacked

Had this anti-McCain TV ad emailed to me. Going along with what I posted earlier today think this sums up the way the extremes in the two major Political Parties react to a moderate, more maverick, non programmed candidate. These ads are more expected in a Republican versus Democratic race, but when the extreme in a party is afraid they won't have a front row seat at the State of the Union they run this kind of ad.

This ad is nasty, mean, and in a Republican Primary,,,, hate to say it, probably very effective.

See for yourself. The ad is titled 'Surprisingly Liberal'.

I love tough, hard nosed campaigns. I think our candidates should be tested, pushed and we should see how they deal with adversity.

This ad however is what makes people hate politics. I fear this is only the beginning of the attacks that will come from third party groups to slam John McCain. It reminds me of when the George W. Bush campaign put literature in South Carolina in 2000 saying McCain had an illegitamite african american child.

These groups, both liberal and conservative, that run these awful ads and have every right to do so. Whether it's their right to do so or not, these are the people that have turned so much of the country off to our government and politics in general.

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