Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire

Where in the past New Hampshire has been the land of surprises I think that tonite will be a pretty dull night out of the self proclaimed 'fiercely independent' New Hampshire voters.

Here's my picks.


Obama- 42
Clinton- 28
Edwards- 21
BRich- 8


McCain- 30
Romney- 25
Huckabee- 14
Paul- 14
Rudy- 11
Thompson- 6

The Clinton people are really downplaying expectations and I can't figure out if it is because they will try and claim and victory if they lose by 6 or less points, or if they really think they are going to get killed. My guess is probably both. I'm thinking Obama can win by as much as 20 points tonite and from what people are saying Hillary will go to the Rudy strategy and focus on the February 5 Tsunami Tuesday states with Florida, New York, and California giving her credibility. Read the following piece from the Wall Street Journal to see the expected moves of the Clinton campaign


As for the Republicans, McCain, even after what I felt was a miserable debate performance should have a solid win over Romney, but this is where the one surprise of the night could be. Maybe Mitt's Massachusett's roots pay off for him and he steals a close one away.

Honestly the most interesting persons vote total to watch tonite for me is Ron Paul. If the independent streak of any voters could pop up it would be the Libertarians. Paul's, no tax, anti-war message should play best in New Hampshire.

As for Hillary crying, BIG F'ING DEAL. All the candidates are exhausted at this point and I think nothing less of her for it. I still imagine that many folks out there, ignorant men in particular are saying her crying proves she shouldn't be President.

Drudge is reporting 'epic turnout' and that the Dems are 'running out of ballots' so it could be very interesting this evening.

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