Tuesday, January 22, 2008

South Carolina Dems Debate Recap

So watched the Democrats debate last night and nice to see that we finally have an election on our hands. The gloves were off and the candidates, for the first hour at least showed some real fight.

For all the talk about fighting and bickering being bad for the process I think it gives voters a chance to see what their elected officials look like in the tough times. I want our next President to be a fighter and someone who will battle for what will really move the country past the eight years of darkness under George W. Bush who has fought for big money interests.

In saying that I have to give some props to Barack Obama last night. I have been a big critic of Obama's debate performances from the beginning of the campaign and on this blog in particular. While I do not think he hit a home run last night, he began to find his debate voice. He showed some real fight. He was in the cross fire of both candidates last evening and held up rather well. I thought the 'sitting on the board of Walmart' comment to Hillary was pretty weak and opened himself up to Hillary's body blow of Tony Rezco retort. Yet I felt the way Obama attacked Clinton for not being sure which Clinton he was running against played very well.

My biggest fear on Obama is that he hasn't responded well to criticism in the campaign. Whether he has been hit by the Clinton's, debate crowds, or the ridiculous emails surrounding him he seems hurt by attacks and to win the White House you have to prove your able to withstand the Republican slime machine. He did a good job last night but a few more wounds were opened last night. Tony Rezco and his 130 'present' votes will be more prevalent.

As for Hillary, thought she had a very average debate. Nothing that really stuck out as a highlight or low light. Think she handled the attacks on her husband well and her biggest success was pulling Obama into the fray more than she had been able to in the past. Think that was her plan going into Super Tuesday, which is to get Obama off his message of 'hope' and into the horse race of a campaign.

The winner of the evening in my opinion was John Edwards. The usually very bulldog like Edwards did an excellent job of staying 'above the fray' most of the time, but still showed his fight in an effective attack on Obama for his 'present votes' and health care plan. Think it is still too little to late for Edwards as I don't see a state he can win on Super Duper Tuesday. He can get a lot of Delegates, but don't see where he snatches a victory unless he moves to a state and stays there for the entire Feb 5 lead-up. Maybe Missouri?

Other Debate Thoughts:

  • Wolf Blitzer had NO control of the debate
  • Thought the candidates got a little to biographical and sappy about their pasts
  • Felt bad for Joe Johns and Suzanne Malveaux as they barely got to aska any questions
  • As stated on this blog before, Suzanne Malveaux is beautiful and needs more airtime!

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