Friday, January 25, 2008

The States of Tsunami Tuesday Look Stupid Now

Because of the huge business, attention, and Congressional pork that is given to the states of New Hampshire and Iowa because of their position in the primary, something ridiculous has gone for the past 4 years. Other states have tried to push up their primaries in order to get the same kind of attention and love.

I think the attention given to Iowa and New Hampshire is ridiculous and unfair. I believe that the first in the nation primaries and caucuses should be rotated around the country so more issues than ones important to Iowa and New Hampshire.

Other states wanted the same kind of love and attention. The result is an absurd 20+ state Tsunami Tuesday on February 5. More states should get coverage and exposure like Nevada and South Carolina did this year. Until this year who really new of the power or the "Culinary Workers Union" in Nevada. Also think its good for attention to be paid to areas like the South Carolina's 'corridor of shame'. There are depressed areas like the 'corridor of shame' all over the country. Here's the reality, once the general election hits the 'corridor of shame' will be forgotten. South Carolina will be in the Republican column, I doubt either major party candidate will make many stops there and regrettaly we won't hear about the needs of the corridor of shame anymore. What we will hear about I am sure is the Democrat attempting to hang the 'Confederate Flag issue' or 'Bob Jones University' on their Republican opponent.

The states that all jumped on the February 5 bandwagon made a big mistake in moving their primaries up this year and my guess is the big boys like New York, Illinois, and California really regret that now. For the 1st time in decades both parties have hotly contested races. The races are up in the air and likely will be after the February 5 debacle.

After South Carolina the Dems have 9 days before Tsunami Tuesday and the Republicans only have a week. How many states are they actually going to visit of those 25 in nine and seven days? Are any of them really going to get any attention? Clinton will visit Latino districts in California and Obama will try and lock up support in the wealthier districts and the African American districts. Hillary will probably make a swing through Illinois to make Obama waste a trip there while Bill Clinton barnstorms Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia. Obama will briefly hit the States with strong Senate endorsements like Missouri (McCaskill), Nebraska (Nelson), North Dakota (Cochran), and Arizona with Governor Napolitano.

The Republicans, if Rudy survives, will be a battle for big states with McCain and Romney. Romney will pick up easy wins without even campaigining in places like Idaho, Montana, and Utah like he did in Nevada with strong Mormon support. And he'll put resources into anyplace he can steal delegates.

But none of these states will get the attention they expected.

What if California waited another week or two, you think there may have been a major race to cover to win California? It would have been HUGE. I think Hillary and Obama will both be standing after Tsunami Tuesday and states like Pennsylvania and Ohio could be king makers.

These states all got what they deserved. They all wanted to get their asses kissed by the front runners, but in the end they will hardly get a look by more than a candidate or two of the major players.

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