Monday, January 21, 2008

A Nightmare You Rarely Hear About, but Need To Know About

I have to commend 60 Minutes and Anderson Cooper for the chilling, tragic, and heartbreaking piece a couple weeks ago dealing with the rarely talked about genocide in the Republic of Congo.

I first learned a little bit about the Congo in season three of the West Wing in an episode titled night five. Instead of the issue discussed by Anderson Cooper in the link below it had to do with two things. 1st, the danger of the area, kidnapping of foreign reporters, etc and more importantly the fact that NO ONE is covering the story.

Aaron Sorkin thought enough to write about the Congo situation in 2001. Since then I have seen very little about the Congo until the 60 Minutes piece. As Cooper says in the opening of the piece more people have died in the genocide in Congo than the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Darfur have COMBINED. Yet how much have we heard about these three conflicts? A lot.

Think its important you see this piece.

It will depress you, it will disgust you, it will make you mad, it could very well make you cry. It should cause you to think about why we don't hear this story and ask why? Where is the George Clooney on this issue? Where is the mention of this on the campaign trail?

This is about as powerful a new piece and story as you will ever see, but be prepared it is as difficult a story as you could ever watch.

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