Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Early Potomac Primary Thoughts and a 17People Bold Prediction

As of the writing of this post Obama has been projected the winner of both DC and Virginia in apparentr landslides. Another Hillary senior aide Mike Henry has resigned, and Hillary supporter Ed Rendell has put his foot in his mouth. It sure looks like just as in South Carolina that Obama is going to exceed expectations that were high to begin with. A Maryland win would continue that. Think that this stretch of Obama 'blow out' victories is the result of what I wrote yesterday. An arrogant, narrow view of electoral strategy by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Without seeing Maryland it looks like she may not crack the 40% mark yet again.

As for the Republicans MSNBC just called Virginia for McCain, but again I think that Mike Huckabee has to be given a lot of credit. With no money, no TV ads, and going against the Republican machine with big wigs like George Allen and John Warner on the trail with McCain that Huckabee has impressed me.

The best part of the night so far for me is seeing a usual 'Red' or Republican state have a nearly 2-1 turnout in favor of the Democrats. Virginia has not gone for a Democrat since Jimmy Carter won it in 1976.

Folks, the home of the 1st campaign I ever worked on was Virginia. This November Virgina has the very popular former Governor Mark Warner (D) running for Senate. This will increase the Democratic turnout. The Governor, Tim Kaine, is also very popular, and the other Senator is the popular Jim Webb, a Democrat. As I said even Bob Dole won Virginia in 1996, but not this time! I predict today that Virginia will be in the Democratic Nominees column in November!

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