Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Political Fatigue

Have received some emails from the 6 people that read the blog asking what happened to the regular contributions. Honestly, ran into a bit of political fatigue. Think with this condensed primary schedule and so many debates I ran out of gas.

That's not to say that there hasn't been a lot to talk about. Michelle Obama said for the first time in her adult life she was really proud to be an American. John McCain and the New York Times went to war and to this point McCain has won. Hillary showed class and grace at the end of the Austin debate leading many to think that she was going to stop the negativity and exit the race with class. Then two days later she went viciously after Obama for his direct mail. Ralph Nader entered the race for President for some reason. Then to top off a sleaze filled week of politics was the picture of Barack Obama wearing a turban he was given as a gift on his trip to Africa.

Overall I say, who gives a shit about any of this?!? Its all crap, and none, I mean NONE of it will have any impact on making peoples lives better in this country.

Michelle Obama should not have said what she said because it just creates this kind of media circus. Think it was taken way out of context and that her experience travelling the country seeing the enthusiasm surrounding her husband is something of which to be extra proud.

As for McCain and the Times. Honestly, I feel bad for McCain. Think that the Times made a bad decision by running the story the way they did. Think that they should have held it until they had more reliable and credible information. I hold the New York Times to a higher standard and think that in fear of being out scooped they lowered their standards. In the end, think McCain has benefited in the short term with raising money and getting the conservative base (who hates the Times) more in his corner, but in the long term there are people looking for incriminating evidence against him.

The last debate was overall very dull to me. Hillary tried to get tough on Obama early and it backfired tremendously when she got booed. As for her 'valedictory' tone at the end. It may have had a better effect if two days later she didn't revert to shouting "shame on you Barack Obama" two days later.

Think that this blog has been equally tough on both candidates so Hillary backers relax on the next comment. Hillary is way off base on this claim that Obama is being unfair in regards to NAFTA. The Clintons pushed NAFTA and bragged about it as an accomplishment in helping grow the economy. She wrote about it in her book as something she is proud of Obama. She is playing into Obama's hand when she slams NAFTA as she is trying to take credit for all the good and none of the bad of Bill Clinton's administration.

As for Ralph Nader. I have great respect for Ralph Nader and what he has stood for. With all these politicians who say one thing and do another, this guy is a man of principles. Whether you agree with him or not he has been the major voice in consumer advocacy for years. Still becoming a Presidential candidate again lowers his stature and relevance and could do what he did in 2000, cost the Dems the votes needed in state like Florida.

Finally for the photo that came out on Obama yesterday. Think that Hillary and her team should be ashamed of having that get out. This is the kind of hit job I'd expect from the far, far right wing and blaming it on some low level staffers is pathetic. What happened to standing up and taking responsibility? Yet again, this campaign has fallen victim to a lack of discipline and professionalism. She now heads into a debate where this issue will come up and there is no way that she looks good defending this.

The week before Super Tuesday the campaign was more about ideas and differences. Even the few weeks after the tone of the debate was more about issues and people. The past week has been a steady stream of bullshit. It has become exhausting and disappointing. There have been so many points this election season I have dared to hope this election would be different, but this past week all we have seen is the kind of politics that disgusts people.


Storm said...

Johnny- I think your love life would greatly improve if you stopped writing about politics so much and write about the SEC, ,working on your car, hunting, chopping wood, things of that nature! :)

Sarah said...

Don't listen to such garbage Johnny, Political commentary turns on most women. Okay, maybe just me...

17 People said...

Thanks Sarah, storm is a bitter old man.

Storm said...

NO-way 17 people is older than storm and storm isnt bitter about anything at all, just likes to tease 17.