Monday, February 4, 2008


All weekend I was trying to find something that moved me to write, but basically what I saw were a bunch of stump speeches. Yet there was one event that gave me pause and dare I say 'hope'.

The most impressive event of the weekend has to go to Barack Obama. Not the Oprah/Caroline Kennedy/Michelle Obama event in Cali with surprise guests Maria Shriver and Stevie Wonder. While that event was amazing there is one other event that really struck me.

The event and statement of the weekend was the 15,000 person Obama event in Idaho at Boise State University. Idaho gave George W Bush 67% and 68% in 2000 and 2004. It gave Bob Dole a 20point victory in 1996. It might be the most Republican state in the country. The 15,000 number is almost 3 times as many Democrats who voted in the last Democratic primary in 2004 for all of the candidates.

My family in Idaho, who I thought were the only Democrats in the state have told me it was like nothing they have ever seen before in the state. Thousands of people were turned away. that kind of excitement is reserved for Boise State Football, but never for a Democrat. Think it showed Democrats around the country the excitement around the Obama campaign. This weekend Idaho became IdahObama for a day. If the state of Idaho can fired up for Barack Obama anywhere in this country can.

To watch the Boise event click on the following link.

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