Monday, February 4, 2008

RFK vs JFK or Hillary vs Barack

Is it 2008 or 1960? Is it 2008 or 1968?

While the Kennedy family is one of the most historic families in the United States do we as a nation really care who the children of John F. or Robert F. Kennedy endorse?

Apparently the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton feel that we do. This weekend I saw that they both ran ads with the respective children of RFK and JFK that are endorsing them.

For those that haven't been follwoing the race as closely, Caroline Kennedy the daughter of John F. Kennedy has endorsed Barack Obama along with her uncle Senator Ted Kennedy and his son Congressman Patrick Kennedy. Robert F. Kennedy Junior and two of his sisters have endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Here is the RFK ad.

Here is the JFK ad.

Will either of these ads really change anyones mind on who to vote for? RFK and JFK are two of our nations most inspiring people, but they are not on the ticket. They are not going to fix healthcare, stop the recession, or bring about change. I am a huge fan of the Kennedy family and think they still have an influential role in American politics.

I think its fine that the Kennedy's are on the campaign trail and at events. Yet, I think that it is way off message for Hillary and Obama to run ads that look back. Just as Bill Clinton isn't on the ballot, neither are the Kennedy's and I think more voters will make their decision on what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say, not on how close to the Kennedy's they are.

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