Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who Faints Because of a Speech?

Was watching Hardball last night and saw what I have to say was one of the more pathetic puff pieces by one of my favorite political pundits,,,, Chris Matthews.

In the video above I am only referring to the Hardball BIG NUMBER of the 5 people who reportedly have fainted during Obama speeches.

Great oratory can inspire, as a wannabe speechwriter I believe that words can make a difference. Whether it's in politics, a movie, a TV show, or a church, I can see someone getting chills, excited, angry, or even shedding a few tears during a speech. As one of ‘The West Wings’ biggest fans, Aaron Sorkin wrote speeches (like the one in the below post) that pulled at my heartstrings and emotions.

Emotions and fainting are two different things. What words, other than some absolutely tragic news, could force someone to faint? If someone told me I won the lottery, or that the Cubs won the World Series, I cannot imagine fainting.

Other than maybe once or twice due to extreme heat have I ever seen anyone faint. Certainly inspiring words or a great song could not be enough to cause a mentally balanced person to faint. If someone over the age of seven faints when they see a celebrity have something wrong with them. Even the young girls who are crying and fainting at the site of Hannah Montana or Justin Timberlake have issues. Kids who cry and faint at the mere site of someone have long roads of psychiatric help ahead of them.

Obama is a powerful speaker and I like his message of hope and change. I have seen entire speeches of his, but never heard anything worthy of someone losing conciousness. EMT's rushing to the aid of someone who was listening to a speech? Seriously, you gotta be kidding me?!

Can't let a respected pundit like Chris Matthews get away with Softball coverage like this. For the record I wouldn't faint if I saw Matthews. I find Matthews one of the more down the middle commentators on the air and think he does ask tough questions of his guests regardless of party. Yet he has jumped full tilt onto the Obama bandwagon, coming off as very anti Clinton. Matthews biased coverage of Obama has been rough for Hardball fans like me to watch.

During Obama's Potomac Primaries victory speech Matthews famously said that when Obama talks he has a 'thrill going up his leg.' His own colleagues mocked him for it, then he runs this pure fluff piece as his BIG NUMBER? Someday I'd love to be on Hardball but this is not the Matthews I have grown to respect and the following YouTube clip sums it up pretty well.


Sarah said...

I guess the unstable on the right have James Dobson and the unstable on the left have Obama.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

17 People said...

Lol. Don't even want to go the route of the religious fainting, but have always thought that was bizarre. But less bizarre than someone fainting because of a healthcare plan speech.