Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

As 17people evolves into a better blog one thing that I want to accomplish is to highlight not just political commentary, but issues that are important to me.

On this Earth Day, 17people is strongly encouraging all readers of this blog to join the "we can solve the climate crisis" campaign which has been founded and in many ways funded by Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore.

17people has often written about Gore on this blog and my respect and reverence for Gore is pretty clear. The "we' campaign is a classic example of living by your own words. Gore has recognized and brought a pivotal world issue to the forefront and with our help we can force action to be taken by our Federal, State, and Local Governments.

While I know there are Global Warming 'Skeptics' out there, even a skeptic can make small changes to make a contribution to our environmental well being. Things like walking to lunch, buying compact florescent bulbs for your house, or turning down the heat and air conditioning when you aren't home.
All three of these actions have the added benefit of being personally rewarding. Skeptic or not being healthier and saving money is good, right?
Walking to lunch means you'll burn about 100 calories/mile. This means you'll feel better, boost your metabolism a bit, and should lead you to be healthier. All while drastically reducing the carbon output from your car. I have started this myself and despite the fact there aren't any sidewalks on the street around my business it gives me at least one opportunity a work day when I am not typing or sitting.

The other two things you do will save you money! Seriously you have to put money to buy the light bulbs but they will lower your energy bill. It doesn't hurt you at all. And turning off the A/C or heat while you are gone also means a lower bill at the end of the month. We all know there are times during the summer or winter that this isn't possible, but during those times you can raise or lower it a couple degrees to keep the temperature manageable.

All three of these things are simple and require little or no effort on your part other than just doing it.

Now I have to have full disclosure in the respect that I drive an SUV that gets less than 20 miles a gallon. This is certainly a bit of hypocrisy if I am going to lecture people on being more environmental. I do commit that when my lease runs out I will be buying or leasing a hybrid or much more fuel efficient car.

People, oil prices today are near $120/barrel and the President of Iran said this weekend it is still under priced. Soon gas will be nearly $4.50/gallon. We all need to make this an issue with our government and do what we can to protect our environment for future generations including the current one.

Please visit http://www.wecansolveit.org/ and see many other ways you can help or lower your pollution tendencies.

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