Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Honor of Earth Day

The name '17people' as stated in the profile of this blog has to deal with the "truth" to me. My goal is to try and shine some light on factually inaccurate statements and received an email this afternoon that both fits a lie and the theme of earth day.

The email which I will not post here word for word because of its inaccuracies is titled "A Tale of Two Houses". It essentially questions Al Gore's commitment to energy efficiency by comparing it to George W Bush's Crawford, TX ranch.

If you receive this email please respond to the sender with some of the following information.

This Republican propaganda is once again wrong.

It may have been true a year ago but no longer is.

- Gore's house is now powered by solar energy
- They have installed a geothermal system
- Upgraded windows and duct work to improve efficiency
- Installed entire house with more energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs
- Created a rainwater collection system for irrigation and water management
- He also pays for CO2 offsets

Not to mention Gore is fitting his parents farm with the capacity to
run on wind power.

Why didn't he do it sooner you may ask? It was against zoning laws in
the Nashville suburb he was in to install solar panels.

If there is anyone who practices what they preach and put their money where
their mouth is for a cause it is Al Gore. The profits from An Inconvenient Truth movie and book, the Nobel Prize money, and at least some
of his own money has gone into the "We" campaign.

While many will try to tear down Al Gore I believe he will prove to be a tough target because unlike many, he truly believes in what he is doing.

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