Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Major League Idiots

While this is a political blog, those that know me best are aware of my number one interest. That would be the game of baseball. Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year, opening day. I am a colossal Chicago Cub fan who often aggravates other what I like to call 'idiot Cub fans' by being critical of the Cubs. Loveable losers is not what I want to cheer for, and

Yesterday it appeared Kerry Wood blew the Cubs chances in the 9th inning by hitting the first batter on the FIRST pitch he threw and subsequentlt giving up three runs. The following inning saw new Cub Kosuke Fukodome tie the game with a three run homer. The Cubbies lost the game in the 10th but it caused me to wonder how dumb the people that run Major League Baseball.

In the past few months much was made about the growth of baseball as a business. I think it generated over $6billion in revenue last year. But as excited as I was about baseball being back, I am once again shocked that baseball is so stupid.

Last year the Indians and Mariners started the season in Cleveland where the entire series was snowed out. You would think that Major League Baseball would have scheduled smarter. Instead Cleveland hosted opening day yet again! In that 1st game in the snow last year start Indians catcher Victor Martinez had a hamstring injury. This year with weather in the 40's, Martinez had another injury.

As the day started there was one game postponed and two games battled through weather delays. Thosee three games that are delayed and postponed,, ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.
  • Yankees-Blue Jays. Weather in New York is bad today. Toronto plays in a dome.
  • Reds- Dbacks. Weather is bad in Cincy, Dbacks play in Arizona and a dome.
  • Cubs- Brewers. Weather is bad in Chicago. Milwaukee plays in a dome.
See a theme here?

Baseball is run by idiots.

Yet the games above aren't the only examples of the stupidity of Major League baseball.

  • Detriot-Kansas City: While KC is not the best weather city, basic geography says it should be warmer, yet they are playing in Detroit.
  • Baltimore- Tampa Bay: Baltimore is home against a team that plays in a dome in Florida.
  • Cleveland-White Sox: Why put two bad weather cities in the same game?
  • Seattle-Texas: Seattle has a retractable roof and Texas is typically great weather. Why waste two weather proof cities against each other?
  • Minnesota- LA Angels: Ditto from above.
  • Houston-San Diego: Ditto from above.

So by this count 9 series really make no sense of the 1st 15 when it comes to weather and all this does is hurt baseball. Teams have two options, either jam in games now or get screwed at the end of the season by losing all their off days.

The other reason this is stupid is because of injuries. Playing in weather like Chicago only puts players at risk. This is not to say it can't rain in SanDiego or Texas, but I like my chances compared to Chicago and Cleveland.

Baseball has to be smarter than this or else they put their athletes in jeopardy.

Wait, did I just say baseball has to be smarter?

Who am I kidding?

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