Wednesday, April 30, 2008

John Edwards Should NOT Endorse

After he dropped out of the race I wrote an article praising John Edwards and in the past two weeks friends of mine have called and emailed asking, 'who and when is John Edwards going to endorse?' Edwards has kept a low profile and far away from the fight of Obama-Clinton and think it has kept him from lowering himself at all the way Bill Richardson has in his battles with James Carville (which Carville is winning).

Like many in politics I believe Edwards thought the race would be over by now. Now the question is does he throw his support behind a candidate before his home state votes on Tuesday? Read an article yesterday which said the Edwards will spend this week in Florida avoiding the campaign in North Carolina.

I see it this way. While both candidates paid lip service to Edwards key issue of poverty right after he dropped out,, neither of them has carried that mantle at all since. If one of them had, think Edwards would have already endorsed.

The race has also deteriorated into a bloody mess. Surrogates are fighting on talk shows, TV ads have gone negative, and both candidates have serious issues that have been exposed. By not endorsing he has kept himself clean of the whole mess and I think it has proved to be smart politics.

If he were to endorse Hillary, the chances are she would still lose North Carolina and that would weaken him. Remember in 2004 Bush/Cheney won 56% of the NC vote against Kerry and Edwards. Supporting a losing candidate would not look good for him.
He also would have to answer a lot of questions about how 'the man of the people' he claims to be would have to explain why is endorsing the 'candidate of special interests' that he labeled Hillary during the campaign.

I think it would be odd for him to endorse Obama for a couple reasons. 1st, Obama is weak right now with no momentum. Also think Edwards meant what he during the campaign about Obama. That he thinks Obama is 'too nice' or 'not tough enough'. Edwards is a fighter who knows first hand the attacks of the Republicans and saw John Kerry shy away from the fight in 2004 and think he sees a bit of Kerry in Obama.

Plus he would fall under the gun of the Clinton attack machine and that would again be a blow to his reputation.
I think Edwards left the campaign with grace and dignity and judging by the past 2+ months that 'grace and dignity' left the campaign with him. If he doesn't endorse many will say it is weak move by him.

Those people would be wrong.

Think that Edwards, like many Dems including myself, are fed up and disappointed with both of our candidates. He will vote for one of them but why should he campaign with or work the next 6 days for either of them in this primary? What have either done recently to inspire anyone?

If Edwards endorses either of the candidates, fine. But think he should send a message to them, earn our votes.

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