Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Articles Worth Reading

Have mentioned this site before, but often get asked where I get most of my politics information. has totally changed the way I find articles I read for political information. The site isn't right or left, it is just a spot to find a collection of articles relevant to the campaign and world of politics, every day.
I worry about promoting them too much, because I worry about my own readers just skipping me and going instead to them. The Washington Post, New York Times, Time, Roll Call, The Weekly Standard, The Christian Science Monitor, and many other publications, right and left, and down the middle have articles daily on this site.
It is also a great place to find recent polling data from across the country and to find relevant video. If your getting interested in politics,, this is a great place to pick and choose what you want to read.
A new feature on 17people will be occasionally giving a brief description and links to articles I think are particularly interesting and pertinent. Today there was so much great insight that I tried to keep the list pretty small.
If you only choose to read one article of the above I strongly encourage you to read the Friedman piece. The Obama campaign or the DNC may not want this article to circulate too much for fear of it being misconstrued as an endorsement from the Middle East. If you want any more of an incentive, Friedman opens the article by saying "this column will probably get Barack Obama in trouble."

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