Sunday, June 8, 2008

Graceful Hillary

This blog like many other places has been very hard on Hillary Clinton for the tenor of her comments since Super Tuesday.

Yesterday she took an important step in a different direction with her remarks to her supporters in DC.

Hillary Clinton delivered a phenomenal speech. It was powerful is talking about the incredible accomplishments of her campaign and clearly laid out the importance of Democratic victory in November. It spoke if the historic nature of what she and Barack Obama have done for minorities and women in this country.

There was not really a road map or historical marker which to base this speech. A concession/endorsement speech is generally tricky to pull off and few have lost an election or nomination as close as she had. Couple that with her reputation as a fighter who never gives up, and this was an even more difficult speech to pull off.

All that being said she hit a home run yesterday.

The Clinton's have taken quite a beating the past 5 months and much of it was self inflicted by their own actions. The party decided to go in an alternative direction but if the Clinton's are truly on board with Barack Obama as I think they will be that will be a big positive force for the Democratic ticket.

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