Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Phleger Suspension is Church Hypocrisy

Yesterday the news broke that Cardinal George suspended Fr Phleager.

Upon reflecting on this news, my hypocrisy alarm went off.

This is the same Cardinal George that did not suspend or remove Priests when allegations of sexual abuse took place until months elapsed and the attempted Church cover-up was exposed.

I don't see any reason that Phleager should be suspended anyway. He was an idiot and I ripped him on this blog, but his transgression did no phyiscal or mental harm to anyone.


Storm said...
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Storm said...

Reasons for suspension according to church law.

1) He preached in another religious affiliated church. In order to do so he needs to get the bishop's okay.
2) He preached on politics that had nothing to do with church doctrine.
3) He brought a scandal to the/his church which calls for an automatic suspension and he can be excommunicated for it.

Two Cannon Laws that he broke and one general rule of thumb for all dioceses of the church, reasons for suspension. Now, your point IS valid about suspending those accused of child abuse a few years ago, but under cannon law that is automatic now (see above point#3).

Patrick said...

He made the grievous error of being funnier than the Pope.

It's not hard to do, but the Pontiff sees himself as sort of a Adam Sandler type and doesn't like being upstaged.

You can't even say a knock-knock joke in the Vatican anymore without drawing heat.