Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Letter to Hillary Clinton

Last evening after Obama became the presumptive nominee Hillary took the stage with yet another opportunity to take the high road and show some class and did what the Republicans have said about her for years, been classless.

She decided to make her case against Obama at a time when she should be praising Obama and rallying her supporters behind him took the stage after her annoying Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe announced her as "The next President of the United States!!!!"

It was another opportunity to Hillary took the low road and then said "Go to and tell me what you think."

Today I did just that, yet I was kinda confused when I got there. I looked and looked for a "Contact Us" or "Tell Hillary what you think!" section based on what she said last night. The actual image I pasted above.

Instead 'telling Hillary what you think' requires you to put your name, email, and zip code in a box with a Headline that reads:

"Be One of 18 Million. Stand With Hillary"

And has a sub headline that says
"I'm with you Hillary, and I am proud of everything we are fighting for."
The 'comments' section,,, is optional, your personal information is not. This is odd because I thought she wanted people's feedback, why would the 'Comments' be optional? Also think it should be noted that after you submit your comment you are directed to a page,,,, for an online contribution. Shameless.
(Fortunately I have the email to give to stuff like this so my personal email doesn't get HRClinton email)
There are people that won't email her now because they feel as though putting there name on there means they support her.
I decided to write her the following:

Senator Clinton,

You have run an admirable race that has had many highs and lows. I can't imagine how hard it is to feel like you are so close to the White House and then be able to give it up.

Last night you asked for feedback. Here is mine.

Please suspend your campaign and throw all your energy and support behind getting Barack Obama elected President. We need you to help him and other Dems across the country be successful in 2008 so that we can make the major changes necessary to begin to heal the country from the disastrous George W Bush Administration.

Your endorsement needs to be enthusiastic, unequivocal, and genuine. It cannot be the awkward, phony endorsement that Mitt Romney gave John MCain earlier this year. You need to signal to your supporters and donors that you believe 100% in Obama even if you don't.

I really wish you would have conceded last evening and done so with a level of grace and dignity.

I have to say I was offended when I came to offer you my thoughts and had to do so in a box that says 'Stand With Hillary.'

If you endorse Obama in the next couple days I will fully stand with you. If you decide to fight on until the convention, or hold the Vice Presidency over Obama's head to get your endorsement then I will NOT stand with you or respect ever again.

You ran an admirable campaign, but you lost, and leaders sometimes have to admit that they lost and not be sore sports about it.

Please show your best side and do the right thing. It's time for Democrats to unite and ensure that we win the White House back.

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Storm said...

looks like your letter worked!

Here is my question for you, since you were a one time insider. Why did she say one thing Tuesday night, and something totally different the next day? Typical politics?