Monday, June 2, 2008


In case you didn't watch the DNC Rules and Bylaw Committee (RBC) there was a decision made on how to apportion delegates in Florida and Michigan here is what happened.

First, a bit of history. In order to avoid a free for all where every state tries to move the dates of their elections up the DNC and RNC set rules on their calendars as to when a state can schedule their primaries.

Historically and in my opinion unfairly so, Iowa and New Hampshire have gone first, thus those two states garner a disproportionate number of favors and political pork barrel spending by candidates with eyes on the White House.

After initially stripping Florida and Michigan of all their delegates the RBC restored both states delegates at 50% just as the Republicans punished these states in their nomination.

I agree with the way the DNC dealt with the situation and credit the Co-chairs of the committee, Alexis Herman and Jim Roosevelt (FDR's grandson) for conducting a fair and reasonable process. I only wish that the same committee and DNC Chairman Howard Dean had given 50% representation from the beginning avoiding this ridiculous fight and cutting Michigan and Florida out of the process.

What sorrowed me from this meeting is something I have noticed in debates in both primaries. Public debates, hearings, and meetings like this have become circuses where various campaigns stack rooms with supporters who try to bully and intimidate decision makers or candidates.

I am for transparency as opposed to backroom deals. We need to have the ability as a public to see how our government or parties make decisions that effect us. But when the people in these rooms are there strictly for mischief and intimidation where booing, threatening and screaming is their weapon, then we close more doors for us to view and understand why decisions are made.

I would rather see many of these meetings and Presidential debate be televised or web cast and not open to the public, especially if they can't be controlled.

This is a shame because I think most people want to go and observe these meetings and do so in a professional manner. Yet when people scream and act like assholes, they do a disservice to what 'free speech' really stands for while they cover their actions under the First Amendment.

The Hillary supporters actions were a disgrace. While I think they have legitimate issues with this decision they lost credibility with me when instead of making impassioned reasoned arguments, they make asses of themselves.

Below is a clip from an earlier Meet the Press where the issue is discussed and the history is laid out by the best in the business, Tim Russert.

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