Friday, June 6, 2008

The Meeting

Well Obama and Clinton met secretly last night at a secret location.
The story behind it though is pretty cool. The Obama campaign called the press corps that follow him onto the campaign as they were going to go somewhere. They shut down blackberry and phone service and at the time Obama was meeting with Clinton away from the press allowing the two to have a normal and hopefully productive discussion.
I will say that the Democrats pulling off a bait and switch move like this is something I generally don't think they are smart enough to pull off so gotta give them credit for their ingenuity.
Gotta wonder if Bill Clinton was involved in the meeting at all, but think it better than having the two of them pose for a photoshoot. Unlike any presidential race in my lifetime the two major candidates actually have major things to discuss and carry support and votes that could truly impact the convention.
While I wish Clinton dropped out earlier, this has been a fascinating campaign the likes that hasn't been seen in this country in many years. The campaigns have nothing to guide them and hopefully these two people are able to do what we expect them to do as President. Act like adults, communicate well, and get things done.

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